5 Simple Ways to Update Your Home in 2022

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I always thought that design trends were tricky. I never really understood the purpose of having trends for interiors, because let’s face it, no-one is going to revamp their home every year.

But, after years of working in the furniture industry, I have developed both admiration and affection for these trends. I’ll tell you why.

Design trends are always connected to the socio-economic state of the world. Our current state of mind and its connection to world events is assessed and this information is used to form trends to help us overcome problems that we might face next year.

In simple words, trends, when used intelligently, make our lives better, both aesthetically and functionally.

Minimalism is Always a Good Idea

Clutter free spaces lead to clutter free minds. Period.

Minimalism is not just a 2022 trend, it’s a lifestyle. Give away stuff you don’t need, don’t use and most importantly, don’t like.

Less stuff means less time required for cleaning and maintenance. Less distractions, more focus and clarity.

Nail this trend by investing in a few solid wood furniture pieces for your apartment. And, instead of cluttering it with stuff, let that furniture take the spotlight.

Make Your Furniture Do More

Multi-functional pieces like sofa beds, room dividers that double up as racks, and coffee tables with storage, save space and make your life easier.

Instead of buying tables for every room, get a small, lightweight, C-shaped one that can be moved anywhere.

Turn it into a makeshift work station on your WFH days and into an impromtu coffee (wine) table on the weekends.

Color Me Green

Green is the color of 2022.

Green throws, rugs, chairs, sofas and if you are brave enough — green walls.

There are so many shades to choose from. Forest green, olive, sage, emerald or sap, there is a green for everyone.

Sage green is my favourite. It’s so soothing.

Paint a part of your wall sage and get cushion covers in the same color for a fresh, new look.

The simplest way to add this color to a space is by keeping a few indoor plants. Small potted ones can be kept anywhere — in corners, on sideboards or on your desk.

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Make a Sustainable Choice

A trend that I absolutely love.

I can’t stress this enough. Make informed choices when you shop for furniture.

Reclaimed wood and acacia wood are sustainable woods that require minimal finishing because they are naturally stunning. Mango wood needs a bit more work but is equally gorgeous and yes, sustainable.

Bamboo rattan is another much loved, eco friendly material that you can go for. I sincerely believe that nothing can match the timelessness of wicker.

Upcycled furniture is also a great way to make your space come alive and do your bit for the environment.

Pattern Play

Retro patterns are making a huge comeback next season. Polka dots and stripes are playful and add a fun element to interiors.

I prefer irregular shapes to very defined patterns. And softer hues.

Black and white patterns can be too jarring. If that’s the look you want, then go ahead and use this classic color combination.

But, if you want to avoid drawing too much attention to the patterns try sorbet colors like lilac, pale yellow, peach and pale pink.

Even small accessories like patterned door knobs, planters, picture frames or plates can help you upgrade your interiors several notches.

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Product / UX Designer ~ I write lists when I have nothing else to write

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Nandita Gupta

Nandita Gupta

Product / UX Designer ~ I write lists when I have nothing else to write

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